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2018-11-02 - 1:02 pm

Dear reader-

Yes, I know it's been a while.

Kesha and Eddie graduated, so I don't have to deal with them anymore. FCC is a strange school, in terms of graduation. We can come into school any time, holidays excluded and as long as the tuition is paid. Whatever the unit when you come in is the one the class is doing when you come in is what you start with. Obviously, there are beginner classes-after the first three months, I went to the advanced class-but there isn't a class to ease you in, so to speak.

My first day at school was the day before last Halloween, I know classmates who started in April. Strangely enough, the graduation ceremony is only once a year. This year it was October tenth. I'm technically "graduating", actually my last day of school is, November tenth. But I won't get to wear the cap and gown until the next time they have the ceremony. Add insult to injury, I'll have to stay for a little while longer to finish all my services, as there's a certain number of services you have to complete in order to be allowed to do the state licensing board test. A test that if I don't get right after three times, I'll have to do the fucking program all over again. Except I'll have to pay out of pocket, since I won't qualify for the Pell Grant.

Oh, and I'm pretty sure I'm not getting my high school diploma. I've been doing *just* enough of the Brookshire shit on my Kindle-they have an online site-to keep me in the school, as doing that is why I'm able to get into the school in the first place. I hate it, I'm sick of doing it, I don't wanna do it, but I have to or they'll kick me out.

This unit is Nail Care. Unfortunately, I'm the only one doing it. Why, you ask? Our program had three teachers: Ms. James (who's also our program director, and does advanced class), Ms. Sadler (beginner's class) and Ms Brown (other advanced class). For reasons known only to the FCC board of directors, they moved Ms. Sadler to the night classes, not sure what happened to Ms. Brown.

Which means that now, I'm the only student out of *twenty-five* students to have Nail Care, while the rest of my class has Haircutting.

Problem is, that I feel that Ms. James is a great teacher...when she's not distracted with handling the daily nonsense of the Cosmetology school, plus the salon in Port Saint Lucie she owns. She has a habit of teaching us a little bit, then leaving us to our own devices. Praise the Universe we're a small school, can't imagine how she'd be able do it if we were a larger school. (Praise the Universe my classmates are adults, too. If this was my old high school, and there wasn't an assistant, *chaos* would've reigned.)

We had two days off last week. I started the unit on Monday, and Monday through Wednesday were spent at the reception desk, since it's my turn to do so. After having me sit in the manicure area of The Spa for a while, she finally taught me to do a basic manicure by using me as a demo, and I decided as my practical today to give myself one. Not sure how she'll teach me how to do a pedicure, though, as I have a toenail fungus.

I can't *wait* to graduate. This program has been nothing but a slog.




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