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2018-12-04 - 8:44 pm

Dear readers-

It seems I'll be ending my time at FCC as the only person in my class. Technically, it's just me and a girl named Chrissiana, but, as is the wont of *so many* of my classmates, more so now that Ms. James isn't here, she can't be bothered to come in. (Oh, and did I mention Ms. James has supposedly been sick for *two weeks* now? And that no one's got an answer on whether or not she's coming back or not?)

The unit I'm in will be my last one, and it won't end until the seventh of January. Oh, and we get two weeks off for Christmas, but everyone in the school-all of FCC,not just Cosmo-will be forced to sign up for at least one all-day "seminar" during it, just like last year. (I seem to recall among the seminars last year were how to braid, how to do short haircuts, and a third I never got to do because no one but me and Ms. James showed up, and you needed at least three people in the class to do it).

They got one of the other teachers to watch the class. Me, being like that sad guy in the meme, forever alone, has decided to just make everyday Practical Day, and drag my equipment and my heads to school, even on Mondays and Tuesdays, just to have *some* reason, any reason, to justify my being there. I just can't *sit* there for five hours-four and a half, if you don't count the lunch break-and do nothing.

Oh, and mom's finally home. And we're gonna have to move soon, the end of our lease is coming up. No way in Hell our landlord is gonna let us renew, after all we put that guy through. I hope our real estate agent has come through with a pet-friendly place this time. I really don't want to have to smuggle Midnight into yet *another* place like I did here. Or spend a month in a hotel like Mom and I did a while back.




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