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2019-01-10 - 6:13 am

Dear readers-

Now that I don't have school to go to on the weekdays, I don't know what to do with myself. I'm so used to getting up at five in the morning, I have to force myself *not* to get up.

I want to get State Board over with already. I just got an e-mail a couple of days ago saying that now that I'm no longer in school, the six month grace period for the student loan is about to kick in, so I guess one could say I kinda have a fire under my ass to put my education to work, especially since I put both my mother and my aunt as references (translation: people to harass if I default on the loan).

I realize that there are gaps in my education, things I really want to learn but either didn't really learn or didn't learn enough of. Like how to wax. I recall Ms Smith teaching me how to wax eyebrows, but since I was the one getting the eyebrow wax, I didn't see how it was done, and I never did learn how to wax other parts, either (we never did get around to learning how to bikini wax).

I feel we were taught *just enough* to pass State Board, and not much else. Goddammit, I just realized I might have to take more schooling, and I don't mean the occasional class to pick up a new technique.




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