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2019-11-05 - 9:39 pm

Dear readers:

Amy is leaving. She can be very soft-spoken at times, but from what I understand, it had something to do with a restraining order and there being a space opening up for her at a place in Miami. After only two and a half weeks, too. *sigh* Dammit, I'm going to miss her. She was such a wonderful roommate. But it wasn't like it was a surprise. Amy was talking about leaving a couple of times, but I thought it was just "growing pains" talk.

Mr. Burckle will be gracing us with his presence tomorrow. We're having a dinner party in his honor, and, like Diana's visit, we will be going hard on the chores to get this place spic and span. Well, even more than it already is. Maureen is right now, as I write this, prepping the food for tomorrow's dinner. I can smell the garlic and onions from the living room I'm

I asked Valerie what her physical problem was a week back. From what I understand, she had some kind of problem with her nerves being frayed-literal nerves, not her mental state-and some kind of back issue was discovered in addition to that. She'd moved into Burckle Place in January, but had spent a couple of months in the hospital (how she got a pass for that long, I do not know). I also know that while she's a *very* nice lady, she has a tendency to bitch and moan, especially if she feels that we're not doing our share of the work.

Bunni is also leaving soon. Yes, that's her real name. She has a bizarre tic where when she talks, she involuntarily rapidly blinks. Good thing as winter will be coming soon to Florida, and those shelters tend to fill up around this time. Plus, on the count that there's only eleven beds here, Miss Val is *very* picky, so we'll at least be assured that the people who come in will at least be well adjusted.




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