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2019-04-19 - 3:03 pm

Dear readers-

Update: I did State Board Wednesday, and I didn't pass. Apparently, the passing grade was seventy-five on one and I got sixty-eight on one part and seventy-one on another. I know that one of the questions had to do with nail wraps, which, of course, I *never* learned how to do! (Gee, thank Ms. James!)

Fortunately, the test results came automatically, right after I finished with the second part. The test administrators practically frisked me coming in. Putting my purse in a locker I'm used to, taking off my watch I'm used to-I had to do all that for the GED-but they made me take off my glasses temporarily to check them out, which leads me to wonder: what kind of cheating can be done with glasses?

Since the test wasn't until one, I decided to get up early and make a day of it. Sadly, I didn't have time to visit the Boynton Beach Mall, mostly to see if Tate's is still there, or sit in the Barnes and Nobles for a couple of hours. Maybe I'll do it next time, when I don't have an appointment.

I'm told by The Lord's Place they'll look into getting me an interview at the thrift shop. Oh shit, that reminds me: Roommate Lisa is going to come with me next Wednesday to TLP! I need to warn her!

As I mentioned before, I live in a house with four other women: me, Rosita, and Roommate Lisa live on one side, near the front door, Caretaker Lisa living in the back. I didn't mention the other two people living on her side. One is a tall, gangly black man whose name I never got (I think it's Eric), who only comes out to get food from the shitty convenience store a block away and make himself food. He's supposedly taking care of an elderly male relative who lives in one of the rooms in the back; I wouldn't even know said relative is there were it not for Eric mentioning him once, he's very quiet.

Sharing a fridge with four others is a challenge. I call it Fridge Tetris. You try to find an empty spot and you fit your things in there. Which sucks because I can't, say, buy a whole apple pie unless I plan to eat the whole damn thing in one sitting.

Good news is, I have an entire part of the cabinet for my non-perishables and there's plenty of room in the freezer.

My roommates are, thankfully, quiet and clean, but, tbh, I don't want to be here. I don't mind sharing a bathroom-I've done it with Mom-but at least when I shared a fridge with Mom we ate the same things. I'm starting to miss her.




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