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2019-07-15 - 9:44 am

Dear readers-

Last week, I got an e-mail from my old alma mater, Florida Career College, saying I needed to go to the school, talk to the Career Services people, and sign off on graduating.

So here I am.

And, of course, it can't be easy. Oh no.

I was given a paper by the Career Services people and told that *three different people* needed to sign off on this paper to allow me to get my diploma. And I need to get them in order. And apparently I need some kind of exit interview, a fact I wasn't told about. Oh, and I need to pay for the fucking cap and gown or I can't walk. I skipped lunch and that stupid, useless career job class at TLP for this bullshit.

And mom wonders why I'm so angry all the time. Well, it's because when I imagined leaving the nest, it was a gradual process. I'd get a job, save my money, then I'd move out. I'd visit mom once a week, at her apartment, and get my socialization in. Not basically *forced* to move out by circumstances. I'm sure Mr. C *still* gripes about me, and Ruby is probably happy she doesn't have to hear from me anymore.

Added: fortunately, the exit interview was on the computer with the financial aid company. I haven't *a clue* what I checked, but hopefully I find a job soon, don't think I can keep deffering the loan. It seems I owe only $12, 100. And I have to pay it over the course of a decade, oh boy. I know it'll only be $71 a month, but still. Had I known that I wouldn't pass my State Board on the first try, I would've foregone going to school in the first place *sigh*.

Now I have to go back tomorrow to get the other two signatures. Great.




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