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2020-08-19 - 8:25 pm

Dear readers:

Today was my first official day of my apprenticeship program. I actually started yesterday, but this was the first real day of work.

You see, yesterday I came in for the interview. Thus, I dressed up for an interview. Had I known after pleasantries and a little paperwork, they'd put me *directly* to work, I would've worn more comfortable clothing. I didn't make that same mistake twice.

I am told I won't get my uniform until next week. I assume this will also be when I get my paycheck.

My shift is Monday through Friday, ten am to five pm. TLP's thrift store, where I am doing my apprenticeship, has three locations, one in Lake Park, and two in West Palm Beach, on Military Trail and South Dixie Highway. I will be working on the Military Trail location on Mondays, and the South Dixie the rest of the week, since South Dixie is closed on Mondays.

So, lessons learned today:

-buy work shoes

-buy a lunch bag (I had one, but I foolishly threw it out just after I was forced against my will to leave my mother's embrace. Hmm, see if I can find a replica of my old one)

-pace yourself

-come to work at nine. (It seems no one told me that, even though the store opens at ten, I was expected to come in an hour early to help with things. Whoops!)

-if you're not assigned a job, find something to do

Oh, in separate news, I will be going into EDMR therapy on Saturday. I looked it up and it sounded a little quirky, but what the hell. Why not.




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