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2022-05-29 - 5:21 am

Dear readers:

I owe you an update. Big time.

They found me another job. After several months of waiting. At their warehouse. I have to look at my pay stubs, but I have I think been there for five or six months now.

You see, since the thirties companies have had a tax break for the mentally and physically ill. It's a win-win for both sides: disability checks aren't much, but if they get paid too much, they lose them, and the company doesn't have to pay them minimum wage.

I'm supposed to get paid an hourly wage, but it fluctuates depending on if and when we get work. So from nine am to three pm, I am either doing repetitive, mind-numbing work, or I'm sitting on my ass doing nothing. Oh, and I am not allowed to use anything that has a headphone on it, which until it broke, was my iPod, except during breaks. Supposedly, this is a safety issue, but let me point out, when I say I work in a warehouse, I don't mean the big cavernous spaces you're thinking of. It's a normal workshop with a garage doors for the shipments. We sit at tables and do our work. It's stuff like putting labels on plastic bottles, sealing novelty magnets in plastic bags, that kind of stuff. My biggest paycheck so far has been to do with the time everyone had to work an assembly line, assembling boxes to give to CVS. My guess is that some company was sending off a care package to the drug store, to try and convince them to sell their products. Each person on the line had four things they were to put into the box.

Now, what I am doing is, as far as I can guess, is assembling together things you put in rental cars in the glove compartment and putting them in a bag. Some days, I am take my them out. Why I do not know, I'm guessing that either this is make work or someone screwed up on their end.

I am also behind on my rent. My $450 a month rent. I have gotten to the point where I have to give the landlady my entire check just to pay off the balance and I have to go to the local plasma donation place to supplement my income. That wouldn't be a problem if I didn't lose my food stamps because of some stupid job thing I was supposed to do but couldn't on the internet. I have been going to food banks to save money. Oh, and my phone has been shut off for months now because I can't afford the phone bill, which is a problem because I am looking for a new job.

Good news is, I am now prepaid for lunch. We have a scheme here where you order lunch from the cafe the beginning of the day and you hand your supervisor the money. He or she then hand the money to the cafe, and they make the lunches, which are served to you at your lunch break. A few, the company pays for the tab, which include me now. Good news is I don't have to make my lunch anymore. Bad news is, the food's terrible. Beggars can't be choosers.

We get paid biweekly, and this week is the week we get paid. Good news is, tomorrow's Memorial Day and I don't have to go to work. Since my job is Monday-Wednesday-Friday, I only have to work two days this week. Woohoo!




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