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2019-10-16 - 6:45 am

Dear readers-

Day two of my stay at Burckle, day three if you count the day I came in.

My new roommate came in. Her name is Luna. She doesn't speak much English, and while I know you shouldn't judge a book by a cover, I think she's trans. She has the build of a biological male. (Yes, I know there are bio women with masculine builds, but still)

We have morning meetings at five-thirty in the morning. Val, the director, will go into the business of the day, often involving something that needs to be known, like, for instance, that the nearby free clinic is offering free mammograms, like we did today, along with some inspirational thing Val thinks we need to read (today it was a short article about how you should learn to accept the fact there's no such thing as a soul mate). Demi Lovato wrote an inspirational book and we read it quite a bit. Then we have breakfast.

Today at seven-thirty we have yoga. I have been informed that the only way we can get out of doing activities is if we are somewhere else at the time, like work. It seems Luna is quite the sleeper. I dread waking her up to go to yoga.




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