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2018-12-12 - 7:17 am

Dear reader-

My bike has had a flat, and now I'm basically ending my time at FCC the same way I started: taking two busses to get to school, and wearing ill-fitting pants. Except now I'm closer to the school, and the pants-bought from a uniform supply store after the school my school-issued ones split-are three sizes too big, not three sizes too small.

Luckily, after my bus ticket ran out, a kindly woman who lives on the street we live in, agreed to pick me up and drop me off everyday. Apparently, she's a devout Christian who thinks it's serving God by helping people in times of need. Luckily, she's not one of those WBC types-she and her husband look down on those people, apparently-but I've made mental notes after talking to her a few times *not* to discuss homosexuality, evolution, or the Big Bang in a way that makes it clear I look on those subjects favorably. If she mistakes my ankh for a cross, I'm not going to correct her.

Our lease is about to be up soon, and-wouldn't you know it!-Mother decides after a month in the hospital to fall out of her wheelchair, which means she'll probably be in the hospital for yet *another* month. Fortunately, I've been given permission by Mom to talk to Ruby, our realtor, to look at places for us to live on my own. It's going to be difficult, however. *sigh*




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