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2018-04-26 - 12:42 pm

Dear readers,

I love going to school. However, I'm not a,fan of my classmates.

Take today, for instance. There's a girl in my class named Keisha (short for Na'kesha, apparently), who's a bit of a drama queen. For those of you who watched Martin growing up, imagine Shanene's personality grafted onto the body stylish of a stylish Black woman with braces in her twenties. She's nice to me, supposedly because, in her words, "you nice to me, so I ain't gonna fuck witchu", but, holy *shit*, does this woman can go from zero to bitch in seconds!

We have a group of Haitian women in our school. (That's not derogatory,by the way, these women really are from the island of Haiti.) They cluster amongst themselves, yapping in Kreyol.

Well, apparently someone stole someone's bag, and one of these ladies decided Keisha stole it and confronted her about it. I was in the school salon's waiting area when I heard the fighting that ensued. Poor Ms. James had the thankless task of holding back Keisha, straining at the bit like a rabid pitbull while one of the Haitian ladies was shouting at her from across the room. Ms. James had to literally shove Keisha into the laundry room, presumably to talk her down off the ledge.

I had just finished my exam, and since I finished it about a good long while before lunch break, I decided to sit on one of the couches and read my book.

You see, my typical lunch consists of a sandwich and a can of Pepsi, so I figured I might as well kill some time with a new book before my actual break...and then the shitstorm happened. I wasn't sure what was going on-I had to use my context clues to figure out what was going on-and through the chaos I learnt someone called the cops.

Lunch break over, I went back inside. Unfortunately, I forgot my equipment, so I couldn't go out onto the salon floor, so Ms. Smith let me go home around eleven. I've been at the library ever since.

As usually happens at the end of a unit, I will get some time off in between one unit and another in the form of a three day weekend starting tomorrow. And, as usual, I will be sleeping in for most of it, lol



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