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2020-02-10 - 8:16 pm

Dear readers:

Saturday, Kathy lost her shit at me. Hiroshima and Nagasaki levels of shit.

Context: We were discussing a group we were in on Friday. Something about a program that TLP is running to help people acquire home ownership. I don't know how this discussion got started, but I let her in on a secret: instead of not touching my first SSI check, I took out small amounts from the ATM, half of it going to a lockbox I bought. The idea was that lockbox money would be my "savings".

Foolishly, I told her about the lockbox. To be fair, I also mentioned I had $100 left in my bank account.

After yelling at me for a bit for being irresponsible, she made me take the lockbox money-about $1,500-to the bank, where the teller revealed I had used some of that money to buy a new iPod. And bike repair. And a shitty, overpriced lunch at a beach place called Mulligans. More anger. More rants about my irresponsibility. More lectures. It's like I resurrected Dad.

Then, after we came home, she made me go on a budget. But she did do me a solid and connected me to a buddy of hers at a place nearby that helped renew my food stamps, and that buddy *did* do some trickery to ensure that I got far more on my EBT card than I'm *supposed* to, so...

Maureen is gone. Apparently, Petunia got out and bit another housemate on the ear. (Teresa, the ex-con, who witnessed the whole thing, did a rather funny impersonation of the incident). That housemate had to go to the hospital and get a few stitches. Maureen was told the bird goes or she goes. Maureen left. She was replaced by Paula, a girl well-known and beloved by those of us who go to TLP on a regular basis for being a sweet, soft--spoken girl.

And then Charlene had to make her so mad she raised her voice. (*sigh* Dammit, Char, don't take your anger about your new job out on us).

I have an appointment with the VoTech people on Thursday. Wish me luck.




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