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2021-08-21 - 2:13 pm

Dear readers:

It's been a while, I'm sorry.

Yesterday was my last day at the thrift store. I'm a little relieved, tbh. I'll miss the income stream-such as it was-and the people working alongside me were pretty warm and friendly, but I won't miss having to take two busses to get there and back, not to mention the dent it made in my pitiful paycheck, the thankfully-few rude customers (the Haitian ladies were the worst, yes we get it, things were cheaper in Port au Prince, shut the fuck up), and the blisters I accumulated while there. Did you know when you stand on your feet all day, your feet expand? I didn't.

I lost my wallet on the bus a month ago, and I've been slowly replacing my cards. Yesterday, I was able to get my ID. Did you know the DMV in my area charges a fee for allowing you use a credit or debit card? Neither did I. Supposedly they charge $25 for a replacement card. In reality, it's $31.25, $33 if you use your card. After having to leave-and go through fucking security-at least three times, I broke down, went to my bank (right at the corner, thankfully), and got out the cash money amount. It took a lot longer than I anticipated, and I thought about not simply going to work on the last day, but my work ethic won out, though by the time I got there, it was noon.

The prepaid card that they loaded my paycheck on was gone when I lost my wallet, but hopefully, now that I have my new ID, maybe I can get a replacement card. Hopefully, I get it before the storage unit people auction off the stuff. Honestly, I don't care if they do, except for a few things, but still. This people at this damn place are fucking extortionists. If they had accepted partial payments, they would've gotten their goddamn rental money by now. I hope I get the card in time.

Kathy has left Burckle, and thus the apprenticeship. Other than coming over the thrift shop to say hi and buy things, I haven't seen much of her. While I miss the good parts of her, they outweigh the bad. I have a feeling that my inner critic will sound a lot like her for years to come, and I wouldn't be surprised if Theresa is still in contact with her and is bitching about me endlessly. (Kathy, in keeping with her personality, will probably tell my roommate to knock it off, and that she told her so).

Update complete,




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