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2019-06-19 - 9:03 pm

Dear readers-

Well, I just wasted an hour of my fucking life.

I got a job interview at a place in Lake Worth at noon. I basically had to take *three buses* to get there, it turned out to be a group interview, they made me sit through a half-hour speech by the boss, then another three minute video of people working for the company gushing about how *great* working for the company is, then individual interviews.

That's when I found out I need some kind of special license to work at this goddammed place. I'm even sure what exactly this company *does*, and I'm supposed to have a licence for it. Of course, the online site-was it Zip Recruiter? indeed?-that posted the job said nothing about it. When I learned this, and told the PR lady I didn't have that precious license, that was it. I was out by one.

I'm so sick of this. I went through all this trouble of, over the course of three months, to dig up all the stuff of mine in the storage unit-at least, the stuff I could either carry on my bike or Uber drivers would let me take in their cars-and now I'm afraid there's a good chance I'll have to abandon it if I can't get a job soon.

Public Storage already called me up yesterday to announce they're auctioning off the contents of the storage unit Mom had had the washer and dryer in, (but not before telling me I could've paid at *any* location, which pisses me off because I in fact live near one, and I would've liked to have known this ahead of time). Since my current residence already *has* one, no loss.

But I'm afraid that by the time I'll be able to afford to live on my own, I'll have to start all over again. It took my mom and I a good fucking long time to acquire the things in that storage unit, and I don't know if I'll be able to afford to replace it this time.

I can barely sleep. I can't afford to fix my bike and I live in an area where everything's literally a mile away. I'm running out of food, that replacement card never came-the bank probably didn't forward it to my current address-and my mom's solution for the last two of my problems is to suggest I write a check. Even though I told her a million times that most places won't take them (and the ones that do are far, far away).

My Hulu subscription, one of my last few pleasures in life, I can't afford to renew (I'd been topping it off with gift cards for a long time now). I can't go to the library, I have no way of renewing my card to check out books. I could sell a few things on eBay, except I have no money for envelopes and I'd have to wait for when they have an offer where they waive seller fees. Also, where would I put the money anyway? I have no bank account to transfer from my PayPal to, and, as far as I know, $40 won't get me far, food-wise, assuming stores that do online orders accept payments directly from there.

Oh, and I *still* have no way of paying my student loans off when they're due a couple of months from now.

I had always imagined I'd ease into this adulting this gradually, now get thrown off the deep end unexpectedly!




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