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2019-10-27 - 6:08 pm

Dear readers:

Good news, no morning meeting tomorrow! (Something about Cornelia and Val having to do training).

More papers to sign, this time insurance for the back gate. You see, we have a parking lot behind our house, and the lot is separated by a locked iron gate from our fine house (I was given two keys, one for my room and one for the back gate. I don't have a car, but it's a useful shortcut when I want to get to the bus stop).

We're hosting a dinner party-Val's boss, I think-tomorrow. Gail has agreed to do the menu (remember I mentioned a woman with meth mouth? That was Gail. She now has had new teeth installed).

Valerie came back home. I didn't know her, but apparently she's been in the hospital since before I moved in. Now she's back, and back into the spare room next to the kitchen (Burckle is two stories, with the bedrooms on the second floor, save for a spare room across from the kitchen. Apparently, whatever she was in the hospital for she can't climb the stairs because of it).

Amy has gone out again; for what reason this time I don't know. Hope she doesn't make a habit of it, I kind of like her and don't want to see her kicked out.




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