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2018-11-21 - 2:26 pm

Dear readers-

Yesterday, I heard a shriek of pain from two of my classmates. I wasn't sure what was going on, until I saw one of them holding a chicken wing and another drinking thirstily from the water fountain next to my spot at the nail area. It seems that Buffalo Wild Wings has a new super-hot flavor of wings and my classmates, it seems, didn't have head for it.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and to celebrate, at lunch break, the school served us a plate of turkey, a small dollop of potatoes, yams with marshmallow topping, green bean casserole, roll, and choice of pie. Oh, and a brownie with walnuts.

Mom's still in the hospital, so I'm going to make my own Thanksgiving dinner. Nothing fancy. I couldn't find a half-turkey, so it'll be ham steak instead. I also need to get the fried onions for the green bean casserole and cranberries, but other than that, I'm set.




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