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2019-01-07 - 7:12 pm

Dear readers-

It's finally over!

My last day was today. Well, officially. Ms. James has come back after *two months gone*, no explanation, but I have a feeling there's a sad backstory behind it. Eh, none of my business. Just glad she's back.

I'll have to go back to finish the high school diploma bullshit, that's the whole reason I'm at FCC to begin with. Services too, need to be done, but Ms. James claims she'll do something so I won't have to. (I'll believe it when I see it.)

Unlike my classmates-ha ha-I won't have to make up hours. In fact, it was discovered I had *more* than the 1,200 needed to do State Board. Oh, that reminds me, I'll need to come back to a practice test. I also need to talk to the Career Center people about what I'm gonna do after I get licensed, I think.

I just want this to be *done* already!




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