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2019-01-09 - 10:10 am

Dear readers-

I had a feeling I shouldn't bring my equipment to school today. Turns out, I was right.

Ms James gave me papers to prepare for the State Board, admonished me to finish my high school diploma stuff, and reminded me that the State Board boot camp-a cram school, really-is in February, and told me I *have* to attend it. Then bid me adieu. Turns out she was being truthful about saying she'd fix the services so I wouldn't have to come back to to them.

I'm now in the library. My bike is in the shop again, this time with a flat. Having learned my lesson from the *last time* , I didn't take it to the place I had my chain replaced after it broke, even though it was closer. (It took three tries to get it fixed, like Hell I'm going back). Three hours later, and a couple of breaks-once at noon to eat lunch at Jimmy John's-I managed to push my bike all the way to Royal Palm Beach, where the shop mom bought me my first bike, back when we were living with Rick.

Unfortunately, I didn't get it fixed that very day, and I had to go home on the bus. By the time I got home, it was eight in the evening, Midnight was starving, and my feet hurt. I'm going to have to take a bus to get my bike. Oh, the irony.




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