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2019-10-08 - 11:51 am

Dear readers:

Sorry it's been so long, but I have something to report.

I got my food stamps back....and now they've made it so I have to wait till the first of every month to get half it on the first of every month, the other half on the thirteenth. I should add I get $195 in food stamps a month, and I get the $95 on the first. So, I have decided that the day after the thirteenth of every month will be designated Food Shopping Day. I'll tide myself over with donations from the local food bank until then.

Tomorrow I'll go with Jennifer, the nice lady at TLP who's helping me with SSI, to tour Burkle Place, the long-term homeless woman's home. I'd been referred to that place by one of the Outreach people, but I had been skeptical I'd get in. Supposedly, I can stay there up two years, and they have some programs to help me out. Oh, and until I get my SSI payments (fingers crossed) I can live there rent-free (rent is $500, cheap for the area).

But I'll have to share a room with another person, *none* of the photos of this place I've seen of this place online show the *inside* of this place, I'm not sure how I'll handle things like getting mail, if there's a "self-catering option". I assume if they're asking for rent they let people out for the day (gotta get the money somehow) know, things like that. I guess that's what the tour is going to be for, to find these things out. One of the Outreach people claims she'd lived there and gave it good review, but I'll see for myself.




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